Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spot for My Night-Vision Camera

A couple of days after each snow, I walked the garden looking for animal tracks.

This past snowstorm, I found a single set of coyote or dog tracks heading for the cul de sac.  if I was a betting person, I would put my money on someone's dog.

At the north west corner, there were lots of small tracks going in and out of a brush pile.  My guess is rabbits.  I thought we had only a few on The Place, but the tracks in the soft snow made it look like quite an extended family lives there.  Our staycation (Prowler travel trailer) backs up to the brush pile, and the critters are using the travel trailer as a covered patio.  Great...

So that is where we will put the night-vision camera.  Will let you know what we see.   In the meantime, this is what the camera looks like:

my birthday gift from our son and family

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