Why Us?

Reasons to use this website

  • We do the sorting and consolidating for you.  No need to wander through various blog pages and postings getting off the trail along the way.  We are about Colorado for Coloradoans and Coloradoans at heart.
  • Our central site is The Colorado Cowgirl .  We are THE Colorado Cowgirl - not just any Colorado cowgirl.
  • We have a Facebook presence and will soon be tweeting.  Will keep you updated.
  • Need something to do?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Road Trips.  Need a craft idea?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Crafts.  Need something for dinner?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Chuck Wagon.  Need a gardening idea for Colorado by Coloradoans?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Gardening.  Need a gift for others or yourself?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Chic (favorite things).  Need a way to cut the fat from expenses without cutting to the bone?  See our Colorado Cowgirl Caches (bargains in hidden places).
  • Want some Colorado eye candy?  See our pictures of Colorado's beautiful places, people and things.  See our Colorado Cowgirl Classic Cars and our Colorado Cowgirl Road Trips.   Let us know places you favor so we (or you) can photograph and post about them.  Query us at TheColoradoCowgirl@gmail.com.
  • Need a reminder or quick background on an article?  See our Archives in the right column.  No need to keep all those newspaper and magazine clippings.
  • Searching for a specific topic?  See our Table of Contents in the right column.
  • Want a political-free zone?  No political ads - negative or otherwise here.  You will really appreciate this as we get closer to election 2012.

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